Early Morning Tree Frogs -
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-why locally sourced?

Glacier Oaks sources and collects seed locally because:

  • The seed has the genetic information passed down from thousands of years of climate changes

  • These are the plants that the local flora and fauna evolved with, drawing from them, sustenance and shelter.

  • These are the plants that will adapt to future climates and changes in the environment.

Growing for the Landscape

Methods of growing for the transplant environment to ensure a thriving transplant:

  • Promotes root development to enhance transplanting to the urban landscape

  • All plants start in containers that promote fibrous root development that continues in field soils.

  • Clay loam forest soils promote site-root interface.

  • Pruning and training add ornamental value

  • Shearing for fullness to enhance privacy and energy conservation

  • Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management are the hallmark of our growing practices.

Working with the Community

Growing Plants with Purpose means growing plants that support all life forms - including us!

We have found a great way to grow the best plants for the most living things giving the greatest return is planting with the community through:

Early Morning Tree Frogs -
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